Drum Scanning

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Drum scans are the best in quality for flexible media such as film and prints. With an optical resolution of up to 6000 dpi, we can make extremely large files from originals up to 11×14.

Drum Scanners use PMT’s instead of the typical CCD’s in flatbed and “virtual drum scanners” like the Imacon, Hasselblad scanners. Scanners with PMT’s (Photo Multiplier Tubes) are far superior to almost any other scanner and give the best output possible.

Flatbed Scanning

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With our large format flatbed scanner we can scan your flat works, we can flat items up 20×24 at high resolutions and in some cases even larger.

Let us make your high quality, color corrected scans of your artwork.

Film Scanning

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If you don’t need the resolution of our drum scanner, employ the use of one of our faster scanners for more economic scans. Using high quality scanners from Nikon and Epson we can scan films from 35mm up to 11×14.